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Last week, you described a team you have been involved with and the team’s level of success. This week, we have focused on the characteristics of effective and dysfunctional teams. Based on last week’s discussion, and this week’s readings and videos, identify the specific characteristics you see on the team you were on and discuss whether those characteristics were effective or ineffective teams.

This is my description from last week:

The company launched new application to help a financial institution to provide an easy single point of entry for information gained from daily contacts with customers. The senior management selected 6 people ( team leaders) that are chosen from different departments to help a company with training employees.

Each individual (team leader) must be committed to the team’s results and must be willing to be held accountable.

They present the team with information and provided us with 2 day training. After training , each of us were assigned what branches/departments needed to be trained.

I was assigned to spend one day to trained each department/branch. We had to cover a lot of information and we did not spend a lot of time on each sections.

The meeting were scheduled with senior management and six of us would give inputs, how program/training is going, if any questions/concerns. Also, team leaders would schedule monthly conference meetings to help each other with training program.

Many of the employees would feel little burned out from all of the information they had to process. Because of that, our team designed online models that team can access training at any time and review it.

The level of success was great because our team was engaged, support each other and add value to other team members. We find a way to engage others in a positive manner to find solutions to issues and challenges. We constantly seek to improve for the benefits of the team and never, never, quit.

2. Video

After watching the barn-raising scene from the movie
Witness, where a team of Amish people successfully build a barn, describe the characteristics you observed among the barn builders that made them successful.

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