November 21 is the annual World Hello Day (visit for more…

November 21 is the annual World Hello Day (visit for more information). On this day,all people are
invited to participate simply by greeting ten people. World HelloDay was
created in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in theFall of
1973. Since then, World Hello Day has been observed by people in180 countries.
The organizers of the event, two graduate students at Harvard andArizona State
University claim that greeting ten people demonstrates theimportance of
personal communication for preserving peace adn is a way to expressconcern for
world peace. Further, the promoters claim that by starting with asimple
greeting on World Hello Day, their activities send a message toleaders,
encouraging them to use communication rather than force to settleconflicts. QUESTION TITLE :- Discussion Forum: World Hello Day

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