Using the HSEEP format a tabletop exercise plan must be developed. The situation manual should be co

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Using the HSEEP format a tabletop exercise plan must be developed.
The situation manual should be completed a template is attached and information has to be filled in to complete it.

Give an introduction to your exercise showing how it fits into the agency/jurisdiction/state strategic plan and exercise cycle, how the need for this exercise was determined, and an overview of the format of the exercise. The exercise cycle and strategic plan sections can be “made up” if you don’t have access to known strategic plans. What is important is that you can show what you have learned in Module 2.
2. A Situation Manual
3. Facilitator Questions (at least 10)
Here is the basic rubric I will be using to grade this assignment
Total Points To get full points
Part 1: Strategy 30 points total -Showcase the linkages to the jurisdiction/agency strategy
-Outline the exercise cycle
-Define the gap this exercise will address – why the exercise is needed
Part 2: Situation Manual 40 points total -SMART Objectives
-Applicable Scenario
-Scope and purpose defined
-Appropriately used the template
Part 3: Facilitator Questions 30 points total At least 10 questions that would facilitate discussion to meet objectives

Words of wisdom
In Tabletop exercises often times they embed facilitator questions into the situation manual so everyone is aware of what is to be asked and they can follow along. This is not mandatory practice but just an option. I believe that the templates include this option – however – it is up to you, the exercise designer, if you want the participants to see the questions ahead of time. Also – the templates show the use of breakout groups. We talk about breakout groups in Module 3. The use of breakout groups, the types used, and the number are determined by the exercise scope and the exercise designer. You do not need to use the groups identified in the template.
When building your TTX I would encourage you to look ahead to your Semester Project. Using the building block approach is very beneficial for these assignments…it will save you time.
You are not alone
Throughout both Assignment 1 and the Semester Project you are encouraged to post sections of your assignment/Semester Project in the conference folder. Both myself and your fellow students will be able to provide feedback to promote an optimal product when you are ready for submission. The schedule for “sections” to be submitted is in your syllabus. However, to review, the dates for “section submission” is as follows:
Exercise Scope: 3/20

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