Explanation of the union s position business and finance homework help

Your 3-4 page (body of content) Case study is due by Sunday night in Week 2.

Case Study 10: An Anti-Nepotism Policy, Page 419 (Also review the information located under the Case Study page this week.)

Your entire submission should be two to three pages, double spaced, with proper citation, as applicable.

Grading Rubric

Here are the criteria for grading this assignment. Use these categories to provide structure within your paper.

  1. Describe the issues in the case (15%).
  2. Provide a clear explanation of the union’s position (20%).
  3. Explain management’s position (20%).
  4. Relate the two positions to the contract language (20%).
  5. Provide your analysis of the remedy (25%).

What is your remedy in the case and why?

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