poem of less than 15 lines

For this third poem assignment, we’re going to incorporate “found” elements into our work. Specifically, I want you to find a tabloid headline that interests or amuses you and to use it for the title of your poem. Then you’ll write your poem based in some way upon that headline, though the poem does nothave to follow the narrative of the tabloid story itself. For instance, perhaps the headline you find reads, “Face of Satan Found on Moon.” You would use that headline as the title for your poem, but you could go in whatever direction you choose, perhaps abandoning the tabloid story altogether to tell your own story about Satan’s face on the surface of the moon or maybe something about the kind of person who might write that story for a newspaper. Here are the rest of the guidelines:

1 .Use a headline from a tabloid paper or magazine. See some suggestions for sources below.

2. Can’t use “be” verbs of any kind.

3. Must be shorter than 15 lines.

4. Each line must alternate between 5 and 6 words. In other words, line one may be 5 words long, line two would be six lines long, etc.

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