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Case Study #1 topic is Marketing Research

The assignment is to find a primary-source article or story about a business topic (e.g. brands or branding) that could be the BASIS for or be MADE into a case study, not a finished case study.

Avoid finished case studies and instead recommend a story that could be the raw material for a case study — a much easier task and a source of fresher examples.

Case Study examples should be recent (written within the last 180 days) and related to the topic being covered.

Write at least 400 words (in your own words) and number your responses (1,2,3).

(1) A brief summary of the story.

(2) What is the problem faced by the organization in the story?

(3) How does the problem relate to a concept addressed in the course? (market segmenting, target, and positioning or brand loyalty. Or you can address marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place). The most important question.

(4) A reference to the source of the story with a complete citation of the publication or Internet source.

Please use a story with a credible source.

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