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Design a logo for your restaurant website. Use an image editor to create and design a unique logo graphic that will be applied to all pages of the restaurant website. Save your logo graphic and upload into an images folder. Add your logo graphic to all existing pages using the <img> tag.

Assignment Instructions

You will use GIMP to complete this Assignment. Please do not purchase any software to complete this Assignment. Follow the instructions below to create your logo and add it to your template.html, index.html, and aboutus.html pages.

Part 1: Create your logo

  1. Open the folder on your computer that holds your template page, home page, and About Us page.
  2. Right click inside the folder and select New > Folder. Name the folder images.
  3. Open your image editor (GIMP) to create a new file. You should download GIMP (free download) and use GIMP for this Assignment. You are NOT expected to purchase any software for this course.
  4. Using the tools within GIMP, create a simple logo for your restaurant website. Logos can be created using simple shapes, text (such as initials), and even keyboard characters. Follow the specifications:
    • Logo width is no less than 100 pixels and no more than 200 pixels.
    • Logo height is no less than 100 pixels and no more than 200 pixels.
    • Logo consists of shapes, drawings, text, and/or filters. (No photos or clipart should be used).
    • Logo is the work of the student, not a purchased or Open Source graphic.
    • Logo should consist of at least two (2) colors.
  5. Logo should be saved as a logo.gif or logo.jpg.
  6. Logo is saved inside the new images folder created in Step 2 above.

Hint: Search online for sample logos that might inspire you. Be mindful of keeping your content original.

Part 3: Add your logo and image(s) to your pages

  1. Open template.html to edit in Notepad.
  2. Place your cursor after <header> and before <h1>.
  3. Type the image tag to place the logo in the header of the document.
  4. The file path needs to include the images folder and file name.
  5. The image tag needs to include a description of the image inside the alt attribute.
  6. The actual width and height of the image should be coded using the width and height attributes. Replace “xxx” with the actual values in the example.
    • <img src=”images/filename.jpg” alt=”Description of image” width=”xxx” height=”xxx”>
  7. Save template.html and close.
  8. Open index.html and aboutus.html. Repeat steps 1 – 6 above to add the logo to both pages.
  9. Log in to the Web server. Click the IT117 folder to open it.
  10. Upload the revised index.html and aboutus.html pages to the server.
  11. Click the New Folder button in the upper toolbar. Name the new folder images.
  12. Click the new images folder to open it and select the Upload button. Browse to select your logo from your computer. Upload.


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