what would happen to the air temperature of the earth if the arctic sea ice continues to melt at a rapid rate

These are the instructions given by my professor:

I will be providing a Chegg account that can be used to look at the textbook once I am matched with a tutor. Use Chapters 4-7 to draw quotes for the information needed. **Only 2 Quotes**

Explain (using your own words) what would happen to the AIR temperature of the Earth IF the Arctic sea ice continues to melt at a rapid rate. Discuss in terms of the Earth’s energy budget, changes in shortwave and longwave energy, and average albedo. You must use TWO (no more/no less), one-sentence quotes (include page numbers for each quote) from the textbook to support your answer to this reflection question.

Please note that your quotes CANNOT constitute more than two sentences of your answer (i.e., find two one-sentence quotes and frame your answer around these quotes). Your answer must be at least 3 paragraphs, at least 5 sentences each paragraph, and free of spelling and grammar errors.

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