determine ncaa eligibility for a transferring student

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Consider the following scenario:

We will be examining a former Division I student-athlete, Jane Doe, who is currently attending a community college with hopes of transferring back to an institution governed by the NCAA. Jane wants to enroll immediately with hopes to play basketball once she arrives on campus at the new university.

Jane, a highly recruited basketball player in Ohio, was offered many scholarships from multiple institutions. Her grades and SAT scores in high school were sufficient for her to be eligible upon arrival to campus at a Division I institution. She accepted a scholarship offer and attended a Division I university in her home state. The semester began, and Jane was operating smoothly. Just before practices began in the fall, the coaches decided to redshirt her during her freshman year of eligibility; however, due to unforeseen circumstances of teammate injuries during the season, she started seeing playing time by the 20th game of the season. Jane finished her freshman season as a starter with a 2.4 GPA and earning 24 credits for the academic year.

At this point in Jane’s athletic career, she was optimistic to be a starter the next season. The fall semester arrived and practices began. Jane felt she had done what the coaches asked of her and believed she would be a starter. The first game of the year arrived and Jane was not awarded a starting role.

The season progressed, and Jane played infrequently. She lost confidence in her coaches; and as her ambitions to become a starter faded away, her class attendance and grades began to suffer.

After earning only 6 credits and her academic progress falling to a cumulative 2.0 GPA during the fall semester of her second year, Jane was placed on academic probation for the spring semester. She was told by her coaches she must maintain the required credits and grade point average during the spring semester or she would be dismissed from the university.

Jane earned only 3 credits during the spring of her second year at the NCAA institution, and her academic progress plummeted to a cumulative 1.6 GPA. Therefore, she did not uphold the required credits or grade point average and was dismissed by the university.

Jane then attended a community college for the summer, earning 15 credits and achieving a 4.0 GPA. She is now looking to transfer back to an NCAA institution to play immediately.

For this task you will write a case study response. Address the following guidelines in your analysis, while using the NCAA Transfer Manual:

  • What is the issue?
  • What is the goal of the analysis?
  • What is the eligibility status?
  • What rules pertain to this case?
  • What are all the possible options for Jane?
  • What key facts should be considered?
  • What would you recommend and why?

Length: 3–5 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: 3–5 resources

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