read articles and watch videos write reflection based on questions

Review the readings and videos below that speak to segmentation its value and it opportunity for implementation, to inform your reflection on Segmentation:

Watch: Malcolm Gladwell. Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce. [Reflections on Segmentation].

Watch: Tom Springer at Bain.

Read: BCG: Customer Segmentation a Call to Action (attached below)

Read: The Limits of Milkshake Marketing. Anthony Ulwick. Marketing Journal. (attached below)

Optional Read: Approached to Clustering in Customer Segmentation. International Journal of Engineering & Technology. Slightly more technical note on clustering

Reflection/Forum Post: Having read the article, watched the videos and thought about this topic: If you has to advise a medium-sized enterprise that wanted to create a strategic segmentation scheme, what would you tell them are the positive benefits, what concerns or downsides would you warn them about? What sort of data would you encourage them to collect? And questions to start thinking about.

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