assignment 12 project decision situation

In this assignment, you will identify a decision-making situation to analyze for your course project.

Please see the Project page for an overview of the course project and an explanation of the assessment criteria your instructor will use to evaluate your final project. (The Project page is available from any page in this course by clicking on the Project tab in the top navigation bar.)


My decision-making situation will be the use of RDIF (Radio Frequency IDentification) in bag tags at the airport.


  1. Identify a decision-making situation to work with for your course project. Ideally, this will be a decision that an organization or group is currently trying to make. Consider your current employer, spouse or friend’s employer, church, city government, fire department, etc.
  2. Using your knowledge of the situation: Describe the decision-making situation Identify stakeholders Describe the scope (or reach) of the decision-making situation Explain what makes the decision difficult (complexity, uncertainty, tradeoffs)
  3. Comment on how PrOACT “elements” might give you a better understanding of the decision-making situation.
  4. Summarize what you have learned about the decision-making situation.


Course Project

Decision Analysis: Analyzing a Decision Situation


The course project is a Decision Analysis:Analyzing a Decision Situation. You will identify a real decision that needs to be made and work throughout the course to analyze the decision using several different decision-making techniques. At the end of the course, you will draw conclusions from your analysis and make a final recommendation about the decision.


  1. In Assignment 1.2, you will identify a decision situation to analyze.
  2. In Assignment 2.2, you will develop a decision tree representing your decision situation.
  3. In Assignment 3.2, you will develop a consequences table and a preferences table for your decision situation and analyze the results.
  4. In Assignment 4.2, you will develop a risk profile for your decision situation and recommend strategies for risk management.
  5. In Assignment 5.2, you will describe any sunk costs or biases related to your decision situation.
  6. In Assignment 6.2, you will use either the Delphi technique or the nominal group technique to help a group make a decision. (Note: If this is appropriate for your project, you will include it as part of your project. If it is not appropriate or possible for your project, you will complete it as a separate assignment.)
  7. In Assignment 7.2, you will add a title page, abstract, final recommendation, and references page formatted in APA style to your project. You will then submit your complete project to the course Forum.
  8. In Assignment 8.1, you will critique another student’s project, providing constructive feedback for improvement. You will also receive feedback from another student on your own project.
  9. In Assignment 8.2, you will revise your project based on all feedback you have received and submit your final version for grading.



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