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Objective for this assignment: Create a pre-sentence investigation report

Your first task is to post your own Key Assignment Outline to the discussion area so that other students are able to review your plan. Attach your document to the main discussion post, and include any notes that you feel are appropriate. The purpose of this assignment is to help improve the quality of the Key Assignment Draft that you will complete next week.

Learning assignments:

The Presentence Report not viewed
***** Sample Federal Pre-Sentence Investigation Report *****

Review for a template for your Unit 4 and Unit 5 Assignments

Link not viewed
****** Supreme Court of Illinois PSI Report ******

Use as an example for Unit 4 and Unit 5 Assignments of the State of Illinois Presentence Investigation Report. Written as an Offender PSI. Helpful in a R-N-R Model

PDF (1.0 MB) not viewed
****** Michael Mali Federal Presentence Report Investigation *******

Reveiw as a template for your Unit 4 and Unit 5 Assignments. Written as an Offense PSI.

Powerpoint (4.4 MB) not viewed
Explanation of PSI Doc (17.1 KB) not viewed
Guide to the Presentence Process

History of PSI

PDF (0.1 MB) not viewed
Presentence Report

PDF (1.3 MB) not viewed
PSR Questionnaire

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