For this assignment, choose a major topic from Chapter 2 in Santrock’s textbook (early/late maturation, risk taking behavior, nutrition, sleep, etc.). Once you have read about and done some research on this topic, integrate your classroom observations into your review of the research (or if you aren’t settled in a classroom yet, some kind of personal observation) in a 3-4 page paper.

  • For example, if you were going to explore adolescent sleep patterns, and are the parent of an adolescent, you would discuss the research and how your own child’s behavior/patterns are similar or different from what you are reading.
  • You are basically doing some research, and then integrating a case study of some sort.
  • This is similar to what you will be doing in future research reports, but doesn’t require you being in a classroom or talking to a teacher.

Reminder: You should never interview students in schools for any of these papers. You can ask teachers general questions if you would like more information about classroom processes or issues, but individual students should never be approached and interviewed for this course (that would require a lengthy IRB process.)

The first part of the assignment is attached.

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