Develop a proposal for research on a topic of your choice. The research you proposed to undertake should be related to a future project that you would like to do either for a MA minor thesis or for other research related objectives (for example as a contract researcher).

Presentation requirements: The proposal must contain the following elements:

Section 1. Why is this topic important? That is, what do we learn about the social importance of media by looking at this particular part of the media communication process?

Section 2. What are the key ideas on this topic? Who are the key writers? What are their most useful ideas, and what methods do they use?

Section 3. Drawing on sections 1 & 2, explain the method that you will use in making sense of your database. What evidence are you looking for? Why are you looking for it? How will you look for it?

Referencing requirements: Please use the Harvard referencing system.

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