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Review the article cited below and answer the 5 questions that follow


Throckmorton, T. & Etchegaray, J. (2007). Factors affecting incident reporting by registered nurses: The relationship of perceptions of the environment for reporting errors, knowledge of the Nursing Practice Act, and demographics on intent to report errors, Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 22(6), 400-412, doi.org/10.1016/j.jopan.2007.09.006


Questions to Answer:

  • Why was the study done? What was the purpose of the study? (1 point)
  • How was the study done? Who was included in the sample and how were they selected? (1 point) What variables were being measured in the study? (1 point)
  • How many nurses responded to the survey compared to the number of nurses that the investigator’s hoped to have responded to the survey? (1 point)
  • Discriminant analysis was used to classify the respondents- How many groups were established and what classification was used for each of these groups? (2 points)
  • What was found? What were the characteristics of the nurses who indicated that they would report errors without injury? (2 points)

No title page, abstract or reference page are needed. Use the header
Critiquing Correlational Research Assignment (Week 4)

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