What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

I am applying for the university and this is my personal statement. I want to talk about the experience I volunteered at the metro station in Shanghai.

First paragraph – Why do you want to go to metro station for volunteer? Because I saw there are so many people need help in the station,especially some seniors citizens, they need help with the ticket vending machine and direction at the metro station. However, in a metropolitan city like Shanghai, everyone is living a fast-paced life and less people would stop to help others at the metro station. Stopping to answer questions from a senior citizen, a confused tourist, or a lost foreigner often means people might miss the next train and be late for their duties…..

Second paragraph – Give two examples based on patience, compassion, kindness

Third paragraph – To encourage your friends around you to participate this kind of event. Use social media, to persuade people to participate, see their little strength to help others very pleased

around 500 words.

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