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topic- Data Visualization

Assignment 2: Visualization Critique

For this assignment, select a static visualization from any source, and apply the methods discussed in class to critique it. You need to find something that is not the subject of “what not to do” — do not find something that is already the subject of a critique.In other words – don’t Google “bad graph”. Spend time going through USA Today or Economist, etc. It won’t take you long to find something that “violates” some of the things you’ve read about.

Write a critique, one to two pages (not including cover and images), about the visualization. Your critique you should use concepts and principles from the lectures and course materials to support your assertions.

Consider the following approach to help you get started, and address the following questions about the visualization in your paper.

  • Capture screenshots or include images of the visualizations in your paper, and use them to illustrate your points.
  • If you find that a visualization can be improved, describe (or create if you can) a better alternative.
  • List the source of the visualization (a bibliographic citation is preferred, including the date if you can determine it). Include the creator and what you know of the creator’s background.
  • Who is the intended audience? What is its intended goal or purpose?
  • What information does this visualization represent?
  • How many data dimensions does it encode? Are the encoding mappings appropriate?
  • List several tasks, comparisons, or evaluations it enables.
  • What principles of excellence best describe why it is good?
  • List at least three strengths and three weaknesses of the visualization.
  • Does the visualization serve its intended purpose, in your opinion?
  • Can you suggest any improvements?
  • Why do you like this visualization?

Assignments will be graded based on the selection of interesting visualizations, the quality and originality of the analyses, and the quality of the papers.

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