From the book, "Places for Childhood: Making Quality Happen in the Real World" 
_x000D_ by Jim Greenman:
_x000D_ o How Institutional Are You? (Pages 21-23)
_x000D_ 1) Please read the article as your out of class assignment for
_x000D_ Sept 19th.
_x000D_ 2) As you read, please highlight the areas that you feel are important. We will
_x000D_ use this as class discussion on Sept. 26th.
_x000D_ 3) These three articles are your journals #3, #4, and #5. After you have read
_x000D_ the articles and allowed yourself time to reflect, type a brief outline or
_x000D_ summary about each of these articles. What were your thoughts after you
_x000D_ read these three articles? _x000D_ (One Page)

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