I need you to answer the 12 questions and I need short answers. The name of the book is “Messenger of the Lord”

http://www.whiteestate.org/books/mol/TOC.html Chapters 13 and 15

Chapters 13

1. What was Ellen White’s understanding of her job description as the Lord’s messenger?

2. How would you describe the characteristics of an open vision?

3. What were the various ways that Ellen White delivered vision-messages to others?

4. What were the different ways that Ellen White received visions and dreams?

5. What did Ellen White mean when she said that her testimonies would not have been needed if church members had been diligent Bible students?

6. Can Satan cause confusion by duplicating the physical characteristics of a prophet’s open visions? What is the danger of building confidence in a person merely because of the remarkable characteristics of a public vision?

Chapters 15

1. List some of Ellen White’s beliefs and opinions that were modified after receiving a vision.

2. Why do you think that God did not reveal all the truth that He wanted His messengers to know at the beginning of their ministry?

3. What Ellen White predictions have you observed being fulfilled in the last twenty years?

4. How would you have reacted to Ellen White’s insight if you had been N. D. Faulkhead?

5. List and discuss visions given in the following categories: Predictions; Direct counsel to individuals; An end-time vision.

6. Consider some times when Ellen White’s “listening to God” prompted her to communicate to others at precisely the right time the message that was needed.

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