Discussion Chapter 2

Post your researched opinions on this topic. Read page 77 to review -Ethics with Social Media.

Is it ever acceptable to use a fake name online? Why or why not? Should websites require you to use a real name, or have a verification process? Why or why not?


5 – 4pts ~ Discussion posting was the student’s original thought based on research and consisting of two to three well developed paragraphs. Student used correct grammar and spelling. The student thoroughly addressed the discussion question; including giving references to backup ideas on the subject matter. Student responded to another classmates’ posting comprised of substantive, which means they responded thoughtfully, adding ideas and extending the conversations.

3 – 2pts ~ Discussion posting was not well thought-out and were only a few sentences. Spelling and grammar errors. Did not include ideas around the reading material or other research on the discussion topic. No references were used to support ideas. Student did not respond to another student’s posting thoughtfully – did not post thoughts and ideas on what student posted. If you agree with the posting indicated why.

1 – 0pts ~ Discussion posting was not complete: no references were used to back up ideas, grammar and spelling errors, only a few sentences that did not address the discussion topic. Did not respond to another student’s posting.

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