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In today’s society, as a community we serve to a diverse group of people. With society being diverse, today law enforcement face many challenges in the community and handling situaiton’s because of diverse issues that have occured throughout the years. The multicultural differences and diverse system, has led to being more aware or even understanding one’s culture and how even to handle a case knowing how they would react or take the crime itself personally. In America our country serves all diversity, with hopes of the same action to be served equally thoughout society. Understanding multiculturalism from the text, “contemporary multiculturalism and social diversity draws attention to variety along racial, ethinic, subcultural, generational, faith, economic, and gender lines” (Schmalleger, 2017, p. 26). As a society in America in 2017, there’s individuals who look down upon diversity, but majority of the community embraces different lifestyles, and respects there choice in life, and behavior.

Overall with the diverse society, this has a great impact on the justice system. According to the text, “Whether it is the confusion that arises from a police officer’s commands to a non-English-speaking suspect the need for interpreters int he courtroom, a deep-seated distrust of the police in some minority communities, a lack of willingness among some immigrants to report crime” (Schmalleger, 2017, p. 26). All these issues play apart with the criminal justice system and how it will affect the system either negatively or in a positive manner. As the world has changed to individuals being more vocal about their opinions and culture, the heart of police officers or anyone who works in the criminal justice system is to make sure that citizens comply with the law ” (Murphy, 2012). The criminal justice system respects the citizens no matter what their culture is, but the diverse community also respects what the criminal justice system is asking from them. The overall goal for those serving in the criminal justice system is to protect all citizens from harms way, but in some cases some individuals like to provide their voice and opinion which can correlate with their culture or diverse situation.

Judeo-Christianity plays a role in our society because they stick to the truth, what is right not necessarily what is equal. The impact Judeo-Christianity have on society goes against our world that has become a world of everyone deserves equality, and the right to have this which is not how they function. Society has come to a place where “as soon as free will becomes the foundation of moral action and virtue is lacated not in natural, “unequal gifts,” but in the use to which they are put, they it goes without saying that all men are equal merit” (Hill, 2017, p. 51). The implemention on the criminal justice system from Judeo-Christianity is they go based on the laws, and they go with what is right and respect what God has asked from His truth. Our society has been built up on “One Nation under God” which has impacted in the decisions made with law enforcement and by court of law. As a reminder God has reminded us in the Psalms that celebrate the justice of God (Coulton, 2012). The foundation of the criminal justice has been greatly impacted by Judea Christianity.

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