The above mentioned is the name of the textbook.

Each unit in the text will have multiple topics. The topic will be your choice to summarize the chosen topic in each unit, it will then be expected that a side is chosen. Make the argument why this would be the correct side and be as definitive as you can in 2-3 pages. In class you will be asked to present your assignment either within a group or peers who selected the same topic or individually.

Please review Unit 1. There are multiple sections please choose one of the following questions posed. State which Question you have chosen.

This Assignment should be 2-3 pages addressing the topic in assignment tab.

1. Have Anti trust laws out lived their effectiveness vis-a-vis Technology?

2. Is the Federal Reserve good for Business?

Summarize both arguments and then take a stance. I expect this to be completed in 2-3 pages. Please utilize outside references if need and cite accordingly.

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