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Deliverable length: 2–4 pages minimum

Course Objectives:

  • Integrate concepts from previous lower division classes into a comprehensive project
  • Apply hospitality concepts to a real world scenario
  • Identify, analyze, and apply hospitality marketing data


Develop a business concept for a viable hospitality operation. In this assignment, you will describe the business and the value it will provide to the community. You will give a detailed description of the business.

  • Provide a mission statement for the venue.
  • Provide a fact sheet of the proposed business model concept, including the following information:
    • Name
    • Business ownership
    • Type of operation
    • Location
    • Days and hours of operation
    • Required licenses from city, county and state
    • Seating capacity
    • Services
    • Marketable features including theme, menu style, and preferred production techniques
  • Compose a descriptive concept paper describing in detail the operation and services. Explain the hospitality establishment, describing the uniqueness, ambience, products, services, and other marketable features. This paper should be an overall vision of the business and should demonstrate the marketable advantage it would add to the community.

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