“Build vs. Buy”

Your manager just asked you to join a meeting in progress to speak for five minutes about a build versus buy decision the company is about to make. In 400 words or more describe how you would spend those five minutes in presenting the most important element of the decision.

Also list and describe the advantages and disadvantages of building a system from the ground up.

“Preventing System Problems”

After the system has been completely installed, a team member states that the systems analysts will now be in charge only of “putting out fires” experienced within the new system. In 400 words or more explain how would you react to this statement?

Use APA style citations with a least 3 sources

Helpful information from the instructor “Decades ago, the Navy built the most advanced missile defense system in the world (still true today) called AEGIS weapon system…the one used somewhat recently to shoot down a failing satellite. Unfortunately, it is a closed, proprietary system and is difficult to upgrade. A hard, expensive lesson was learned…commercially available, open systems are usually the best approach”

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