Literature Review

Topic Title: Strategies to Implement and Integrate Big Data and Data Analytics to Improve Business Decisions (The research should answer the question what strategies should business use in leveraging big data and data analytics to improve business decisions?)

**Two business decisions are: Hiring decisions and Marketing decisions

**This paper is the continuation of first paper, I am attaching bellow.

Literature Review is a critical evaluation of peer-reviewed articles, texts, and other sources relevant to your research. The paper must contain a minimum of eight (8) peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

Literature Review Content:

  • Subject or issue overview (do not rewrite the introduction)
  • Categorized or themed presentation of material supporting and refuting the subject or issue
  • Critical review and comparison of each referenced work
  • Conclusions based on the facts in the literature review

The paper should contain at least 6-8 pages of content not count title page, table page and a reference page.

* Table of contents, Introduction, conclusion and sub headings are mandatory

* APA Format should follow all APA rules (citations, quotations, references)

*Follow the Template

* No Plagiarism

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