part 1. You will be required to select a snack item and demonstrate your knowledge of cost analysis for that product. Submit your selected product to your instructor and write a page on your rationalization for selection in Word.

Part 2 For your selected snack item, begin your estimate of cost for that item.

  1. Where is the product manufactured?
  2. Given the suggested retail price of the product and using a 50% markup on price at retail, determine the sell price to the distributor/merchandiser. Review the company’s overall gross margin. If the product is sold directly to the consumer you may apply the gross margin as calculated. Applying the gross margin percentage to your product sales price, infer the cost of the product. Present your calculations in a supporting table.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 2 pages in length, 1 page each title and references, total pages = 4
  • Formatted according toAPA

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