Active Self Reflection as a Tool for Success

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Reflection is an active process that we must commit to in order to grow, develop and maintain a fruitful life. Socrates suggested that a person who does not reflect is not truly living, and their life will be void of quality experiences. We are not intended to passively exists and allow fate to have its devilish way with us. Quite the opposite! We must be active participants in our journey, and we must use reflection to help us achieve our short- and long-term goals. If we reflect on what we desire and why, and then move into action to achieve our goals, our lives will most certainly be worth living!

Prompt: Active Self- Reflection as a Tool for Success!

Reflect on your life and then consider something that you would love to add, change, or develop by the end of this term (about 13weeks). This aspect should be reasonable within the confines of your life, and you must be as specific as possible. You will have to include a thorough examination into why you chose this specific element of your life, what are the issues or obstacles preventing you from achieving this goal, and include a decisive and detailed action plan; i.e., the steps you will take to achieve your goal. Research must be included in this plan, so feel free to use any article we used in class or find your own. Be creative, use powerful sense-driven prose, and take risks!

Maybe you can possibly be write about procastination… If you know anything other you can make something up.

MLA format

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