prompt quot the waste land quot imitation

Write an imitation of “The Waste Land” in style and structure, and in its full academic form, including endnotes and footnotes. You may choose any subject you like to write about, but the subject you choose should be an interesting fit with Eliot’s style. Your goal is to echo Eliot, not mimic him, and the same holds true for his notes, and the Norton editor’s footnotes (your best “academic” voice).

“Imitation” in the context of learning a skill means not copying, but instead looking at the way something masterful is achieved, and trying its method. Eilot uses foreign languages for an effect and purpose, for instance; you do the same, and so on with all the things you see on the page in the original.

The most successful imitations actually add to your understanding of the original. And don’t forget you’re going to be drawing on what you learn to answer our Final Question. So you should make your setting specific and contemporary, and think about the question as you decide what to do.

You should choose ONE of the five sections to imitate, but it need not be as long (or as short) as that section. Or you can run through a range of things Eliot does in one concentrated imitation (very impressive!).

Pay careful attention to formatting as well: Make it look as much like the poem in the Norton as possible: Instert footnotes, and and include endnotes. PLEASE NOTE, HOWEVER: Because you are creating a sort of hybrid imitation of two texts (the Norton and Eliot’s separately published version), keep the “Norton style” footnotes at the bottom of the page and the “Eliot style” endnotes on the last page, designated by line numbers. This will help you keep the voices distinct.

(You can find the “The Waste Land” at online, One page is okay, You can talk about the story around life, But It has to be the format follow the style and structure)

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