i need help with my essay 9

In the movie called ” split”, talk about the character and how he displays the symptoms of a psychological disorder. Discuss the disorder based on the DSM-5 criteria (For example “Anxiety Disorder”, “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”, “Biploar Disorder”‘, etc…). Make a diagnosis and supply evidence from the movie, to support your diagnosis (describe the presenting problems and symptoms.) this paper must be 3 or 4 pages.

  • Is the disorder treated in the movie, and if so, identify the treatment that is used.
  • How do other characters respond to the character’s disorder? How does it affect the character’s relationships/social functioning?
  • How does the viewer respond to the character’s disorder (Is there empathy? Can you at all relate to the character’s situation?).
  • Is the depiction of the disorder accurate, based on DSM-5 criteria?
  • Describe the character’s outcome, which need not be successful or fully successful.
  • Please avoid a lot of plot summary. Focus on the character.

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