chapter 1

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Use simple words

Follow the instructions below:

Review the issues and concepts addressed in Sir Robert Peel’s Nine Principles, found in the text (page 7) or as discussed in the New York Times at URL:

Find an online article discussing actions of police officers and determine whether the police activity / conduct follows the Principles set forth by Sir Robert Peel.

Question: Using the specific provisions of Sir Robert Peel’s Nine Principles of Policing (from either the text or the New York Times), how is the police activity described following or violating the founding principles of policing? Please include either a link to the article (make sure it works!) or a PDF copy and explain your position in no more than one page.

This assignment is for submission in APA format; the submission should be not less than three pages of which there is (to be APA compliant) a cover page, your page (1 or more) of text analyzing Peel’s Principles and the police activity that is the subject of the article found, and a references page. You must cite and include in your references at least two sources: at a minimum, either the text or another source for Peel’s Principles and the article you find. Other than APA formatting, your submission must follow basic rules of grammar including use of paragraphs, proper spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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