Research Method

Instructions: FIU has a pretty good reputation for addressing the needs of traditional students (those who attend classes on campus), fully online students (who attend classes only online), and hybrid students (those who have both online and on campus course components). Let’s say we want to test the effectiveness of these different learning modalities when it comes to a class in psychology research methods. You design a study to assess methods knowledge at the end of the semester (scores can range from 0 to 100 on a 100 point scale). Using the data below for 10 students in each condition, calculate the F value and determine if it is significant. Make sure to complete the eight steps for research noted in your Salkind textbook. Finally, write up the findings as you would see it in an APA empirical journal article (if significant, you would normally need to run a post hoc test. However, you can just provide the means and eyeball them to see which, if any, learning modality leads to more learning).

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