reflection paper 83

How do you most comfortably reflect?

English 101 reflection..

Just as you did for the Midterm Portfolio, use this assignment to give me a concrete, detailed description of your development as a writer, researcher, analyst, and/or communicator over the course of this semester.

Think specific changes. Provide some thorough examples, and help me understand how your brain worked throughout this process, and how that might be different now than at the beginning of this course.

If you’d like, you can also include an argument for the grade you think you deserve this semester, which I will consider alongside what information I already have about your performance. These should be merit and performance based–not personal reasons will affect my decision making.

You can convey all of this reflection in any way you’d like, but understand that I will be assessing them all the same way. You should not do any less reflection, or provide any fewer details, just because you choose to hand this assignment in as a poem, journal entry, song, collage of excerpts from your writing, podcast, video/snap/insta story, cartoon, photo series, painting, etc.

If you decide to do something OTHER THAN writing, I’d like you to provide a clean, brief (1 paragraph) explanation of why you chose to use another medium, and anything else that might help me understand how your alternative mode of reflection is working to show what you learned.

Videos, recordings, and anything timed should not be more than 8 minutes, or less than 3 minutes.

Slideshow or artistic presentations should not be more than 8 slides/photos/sketches, etc.

Written reflections should be between 1-3 pages. Times New Roman, 12 pt. Double spaced.

Nothing you turn in for this will be considered a “Final” product, and can be subject to revision for your Final Portfolio, if you so choose.

All the best!

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