interview results and analysis paper

Conduct an interview with a key stakeholder in your school’s counseling program. The specific questions are:

  • How are school counselors involved in the special education process? More specifically, what is your involvement in the development and implementation of IEPs, and 504 plans? Who oversees the plans or committee, who are the committee members, and how often do you meet?
  • What additional interventional methods do you use to support students with special needs such as Response to Intervention (RTI), Positive Behavior Support (PBS), or others? If so, please explain the process.

Write a paper that summarizes the information gleaned from your interview with a key stakeholder at your site. Please use the template provided in the Resources.

Content Format

  • Awareness of School Counselor Scope and Role. Describe the awareness you gained about the scope of the school counselor role and responsibilities in the design and implementation of 504 plans and of IEPs.
  • Protocol for Initiating 504 Plans and IEPs. Describe the process by which 504 plans and IEPs are initiated. Which stakeholders are involved? What specific intervention methods are used to support special needs students (such as RTI and PBS.)
  • Collaboration. Analyze the level of collaboration that exists between the interviewed stakeholder and the school counselor. Identify any strategies that could be utilized to improve collaboration.
  • Conclusion. Include a summary of your interview experience and any implications for professional school counseling.


Review the scoring guide for this assignment to make sure you have met all of the requirements. You are also expected to meet the following general requirements in your paper submissions:

  • Components: In addition to the Content Format section above, your paper must include a title page with a running head and a reference list. Appendices are optional. Please use the format of the template provided.
  • Headings: The four section headings provided in the Content Format section above must be used for your paper.
  • Number of pages: The body of the paper must be 4–5 pages, double-spaced.
  • Written communication: Written communication should be clear and professional so as to not detract from the overall message. Your paper should demonstrate graduate-level writing skills.
  • References: Use a minimum of five references that are less than five years old. The references can include peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks. You must use current APA style in listing your references. Refer to the APA Style and Formatting module in Capella’s Online Writing Center for more information.
  • Formatting: Use Times New Roman, size 12 font (use the same size and typeface throughout, including the page and running heads), and current APA formatting, including correct in-text citations, proper punctuation, double-spacing throughout, proper headings and subheadings, no skipped lines before headings and subheadings, proper paragraph and block indentation, no bolding, and no bullets. Refer to the APA Style and Formatting module for more information.


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