collaborate and orate declaration of independence

The Declaration of Independence was a pivotal document which changed the world in many ways. It was discussed, written, and voted on by some of the greatest minds of the eighteenth century. These men spent hours of time and energy applying their varied gifts to creating the ideas which it embodies. But that was in the seventeenth century, we now live in a different United States of America than the one which broke away from Great Britain. There are many people and groups who feel that the Declaration is outdated and doesn’t apply to the modern America. However, there are also many who hold the document as sacred and feel that its ideals are timeless. Which side of the fence do you stand on?

Your first task is to determine what your argument is going to be. What will you try to persuade your audience to do or believe? So ask yourself, “Do I feel the Declaration of Independence is outdated, or do I feel that it has application for us today?”

After you’ve answered yes or no, sit down and write a one paragraph free write which starts like this: “The Declaration of Independence is applicable today because . . . ,” or “The Declaration of Independence is not applicable today because . . . “

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