mini proposal draft

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Post a draft of your Mini-Proposal to the designated Peer Review Forum by the end of Unit 5.

  • This is a compilation of your topic, introduction, problem, research question(s), purpose, literature review, and your research design and methodology piece.
  • You have refined each section with your instructor’s guidance and exposure to additional literature.
  • As you compile all the parts to your proposal, flow and organization are musts. You should also proofread your work carefully with special attention to grammar and APA formatting.

Your Mini-Proposal draft also includes additional information not included in the Mini-Proposal Introduction, the Literature Review, and plan on your Design/Methodology Instruments.

  • You will add a brief abstract and a Table of Contents as you move towards your finalized proposal.
  • A new section will be added that will describe the proposed interventions or innovations.
  • You will also include a reflection and summary or concluding paragraph. Your reflection, which is included after the description of your methodology, should address the following questions:
    • Describe the legal and ethical considerations in your study from a Christian worldview perspective. (Include at least two paragraphs)
  • What are the limitations of this proposed project?
  • Why is this project important?
  • Who will benefit from this project?
  • Who will receive the final report and what value will it be to these people, groups, or organizations?
  • What did you learn about yourself as a researcher?

A detailed template is provided for ease in addressing each required component of the Mini-Proposal. Your revised Mini-Proposal is due in Unit 7.

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