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Workforce Demand
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Rosie Cordova

Forecasts of workforce demand are more uncertain because they are beset with uncertainties, many of which are unpredictable. For instance, changes in technology, consumer attitudes and buying patterns, economy fluctuation, types of contracts won or lost, and government regulations, just to name a few.

For the organization where you work or an organization that you are familiar with, what would be some of the uncertainties that the organization would be with respect to workforce demand?

Quantitative Research
posted by
Rosie Cordova

Quantitative research is based on numerical data and statistical analysis of selected variables. From a quantitative perspective, this type of research is focused and narrow. On the other hand, qualitative research considers the whole picture and may include new issues discovered during the study. Simon (2005), a popular professor of UoP, put it in better words:

Rigor in qualitative research is associated with openness, scrupulous adherence to a philosophical perspective, and thoroughness in collecting data, as well as consideration of all the data in the development of a theory…the researcher must be willing to go of certain long-held beliefs that have become unshakeable, although they might be mistaken…(p. 37).

Simon, M. K. (2005). Dissertation & scholarly research: A practical guide to start and complete your dissertation, thesis, or formal research project. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company.

Note: the direct quote listed above is shown in italics because the format could not be set to indent each line to indicate a long, direct quote, which is the proper format. Remember to indent each line for long, direct quotes in your papers.

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