outline for a research argument essay draft outline is given and also the sample

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Hi, this assignment consists on create an outline based on the given sample. I am working on a research about Hate Speech and one of my prior assignments was to draft its outline. Now that I have a model, I need to structure it as the example. I am attaching 2 word docs, one with the detailed information which includes the sample and the draft outline that needs to be edit as the final outline and the 2nd is the essay about hate speech that actually includes the comments that my professor made on it. (I am not asking to do anything to the essay but reading it. so you can be in context with the topic.)

Instruction: Using the sample bellow as example, outline your own argument using sentence-level outline (every entry on the outline should be formulated as a complete sentence).

Requirements: it’s very important that the outline includes the following sections,

  • Intro
  • Claim
  • Reasoning
  • Refutation
  • Solution
  • Conclusion

Tip: Start the outline with the claim, continue to outline reasoning, and make sure to include refutation.


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