theory of mass communication final exam

see the file attached

Answer Question 1, 2, and 3. You may use your class notes, library articles, books, or other resources as aid. In presenting your answer, you must demonstrate your familiarity with the appropriate mass communication literature. Where possible, cite real life examples, as well as research works to support your answer. Write clearly and legibly. In grading your answers, length will not be as important as content. Please not that although grades will not be based on poundage, you must present sufficient information to adequately make your argument compelling and cover your subject matter. Be aware that your answers will be scrutinized for articulation of appropriate evidence and scholarly presentation. Use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and the likes will be highly valued. Be sure to organize your thoughts cohesively. If I cannot understand your answer, I cannot grade it and you may earn a zero.

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