new thought

Which story in Wisdom Walk teaches you something about New Thought?

Which story in Wisdom Walk teaches you about New Thought and the wisdom practice: Catch God’s Vision of Your Life?

In your first paragraph choose and summarize a story from Wisdom Walk and explain your understanding of the wisdom practice under discussion.

In your second paragraph discuss your views about the story and wisdom practice and how it relates to your life.

(Use the information from examples but please don’t copy and paste)


The story “Diane’s Story” which is about a woman named Diane who got pregnant at a very young age and due to the circumstances in her life, was put in the position where she had to give up her daughter for adoption. Years later, Diane took on the initiative to contact her daughter. She was filled with regret for the choice she had made and wanted to ask her daughter for forgiveness, and give her an explanation. When Diane first contacted her daughter, there was nothing but love, but still that feeling of guilt did not escape her. Diane was tearing herself down with guilt. Since she was a reverend, Diane decided to pray for the mental ability to forgive herself. Luckily on one Sunday morning in church, a guest speaker spoke of the noble sacrifice mothers make when they give their children up for adoption , because they know that they do not have the resources to give that child a better life. This was the outlook that Diane needed to change her mindset and allow self forgiveness.

Having a child is a huge responsibility. You are guiding and for the most part are in control of this little person’s life. Not everyone who gets pregnant is fortunate enough to have the circumstance to give this child the life they hope to. In my eyes, Diane made the right decision because she went with her gut. I understand her feeling of guilt, but we must understand that we can not change the past and every choice we make has a solution, we can only strive to better ourselves. The world works in miraculous ways , I think it was a from her worship, that she heard the empowering speech at the right time. This shows that the universe finds a way to give healing to those in need.


The story I’ve chosen is Samantha’s Story, in wisdom walk. The story is about an African-American woman who hopes to adopt a baby girl of her own. In addition to being African-American, she is also single, and thus making the entire process more complicated and difficult for herself. But against all the odds, she stayed committed to her goal, and stayed true to her “vision.” She would always be able to imagine herself with her daughter, and constantly worked on herself to improve her skills as a mother. Almost nine months later, she is seen walking in the streets, with a six-month old baby girl. She had a “New Thought,” and never failed to believe in her vision.

I can personally relate to this story. I think it’s important that we set goals for ourselves, and stay committed to it, even if it’s against all odds. In the story, Samantha had a very small chance of being able to adopt a baby girl, since the system was against african american single mothers, but she never gave up, and eventually she reached her goal of adopting a baby child. Back in high school, I too had a vision of joining the school’s varsity soccer team. Even though the team was mostly full, i went against all odds, and stayed committed to my goal. I practiced on my own, and when the tryouts came, I was able to go against all odds and make the team. What pushed me through all the challenges was my motivation, and the “vision” that I had in mind.

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