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Please answer the following questions and I need the references for each questions

Question 1

Which of the following is the correct order for introduction of solid foods to an infant?

Fruits, cereal, meats, and vegetables

Cereal, meats, vegetables, and fruits

Fruits, cereal, vegetables and meat

Answer: Cereal, vegetables, fruits, and meats

Question 2

Which of the following would be most important to ask for while performing a sports physical?

Answer: Does the child have shortness of breath with exercise?

Has the child ever fainted during exercise?

Has the child ever undergone surgery?

Has the child ever had a head injury?

Question 3

The mother of a 16-month-old child informs you that she feeds the baby skim milk. What is the best rationale for not using skim milk?

Contains too little protein

Answer: Contains an insufficient amount of calcium

Is not as easily digested as whole milk

Provides more an inadequate amount of fatty acids

Question 4

Which adolescent would be at greater risk for developing anorexia nervosa?

Answer: 19-year-old female college student

14-year-old gymnast

17-year-old male runner

12-year-old female who just had her initial menses

Question 5

The nurse practitioner is reviewing strategies to increase physical activity. The patient should also be educated that which of the following are commonly associated with sports injuries?

Low socioeconomic status


Female gender

Improper training

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