gap analysis 2

Term Project: Gap Analysis Instructions


For this milestone, you will continue your individual project by incorporating the feedback you received from the Term Project: Proposal deliverable and appending the following requirements to form a Term Project: Gap Analysis deliverable as described below.

Materials Required

To complete this deliverable, you will need the following materials


Begin with the document you submitted for your topic proposal and revise that document based on the feedback provided to you by your instructor. Add to your revised document the following information:

  1. In a new section entitled, “Gap Analysis”, write a 4 to 5 page description and defense of your proposed TO-BE process.
  2. Your proposed TO-BE process must apply enterprise systems concepts so that it clearly evidences the use of shared data to create an integrated process across functional boundaries.
  3. Substantiate the design of the TO-BE process with at least 5 scholarly sources in addition to your textbook(s).
  4. Provide a UML Activity Model representing your TO-BE process in an appendix.

Package the information above into a single Microsoft Word document. Note that you will need to copy and paste your diagram into Word. Your document must be formatted with proper APA formatting and use proper citations for the references used. Be sure that your deliverable also includes a references page. Note that page count does not include content written for the previous deliverable, title page, reference page, or diagrams. Submit the completed Word document via the appropriate submission link in Blackboard.

You can take a Iook at the project.I will do the first part and add it to the paper. I have to wait until the TO-BE project that you did is corrected on Wednesday and send it to you.

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