active and tuned passive control over combustion instability

Active and Tuned Passive Control over Combustion Instability

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Mechanical Engineering

To whom it may concern,

This order is a part of a literature review for the dissertation titled “The Effects of Placement of Acoustic Dampers on Combustion Instability”

The control over instability could be classified as passive , active and tuned passive.
I have attached a completed order #006808, which contains a literature review about passive control.

Could I please ask the writer to use that order as an example, as this order is a following part of the same literature review.

Im kindly asking the writer to include the literature review about active control in 4 pages, and overview of tuned passive control in 2 pages.

I have also attached a few papers which I’m kindly asking the writer to use.

Most importantly, could I ask to assign this order to the writer who has experience and knowledge in this subject.

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