essay questions about organizational development and change

Answer the following questions: (Around 200 words for each question)

1. Senge urges educators to see below the tip of the iceberg to “the structure supporting the visible tip.” We need to see the whole rather than just the part that is most obvious; we need to see the structure within which each event exists. That’s systems thinking. Seeing the whole, helps us move away from quick fixes for individual issues to seeing how the pieces of interrelating, acknowledging the complexity, and reflecting on what the means for developing a solution. Take one problem that you are tempted to quick fix and before you jump to a solution, ask yourself these three questions that Senge recommends- Explain in detail using what you have learned in the class, what the problem is and then answer the following questions: 1) What’s been happening? Have we been here or some place similar before? 2) What are the forces at play contributing to these patterns? 3) What about our thinking allows this situation to persist?

2. Pick one of the follow Motivation Theorist and Explain their Theory and Provide a complete Example to show that you can apply the knowledge. (pick one)






3. Pick any two of the following and explain what they are (as if you were teaching it) and then give an example of how to apply both of these in YOUR LIFE.

The Left-Hand Column

Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy

Leaps of Abstraction

Mental Models

Ladder of Inference

Lewin’s Three Step Model

Organizational Development

*I attached the class note, and the book we used in this class. Hope these materials can help you ti answer questions.

Some questions are about my personal life, my background is my major is MS in Human Resources, and I will graduate in four months, and I plan to find a HR related work after graduation. If you need more informations, please let me know.

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