essay about gopro

this essay is about communication inside the organization (GoPro) and how communication helped them grow.

a.Introduction: Introduce the reader to the specific topic you chose and explain why this was important from the research on the surf company you chose.

b.Implications: Explain how this specific area has impacted or affected the company. Use the principles from the chapter and apply them to the specific company and specific area you chose. Example: Jack’s Surf and how an entrepreneurial culture has transformed the company.

c.Team Dynamics: Share what you learned about working in a team-be very specific. Also explain how the team worked together to prepare the paper and presentation. PLEASE NOTE: this is a reflection portion of the paper not a daily journal or diary of what happened step by step. NOTE: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PORTTION OF YOUR PAPER.

d.Conclusion: What are some of the key learning outcomes you have acquired as a result of analyzing a company using management thinking?

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