leader member exchange dyadic relationship

Using insights drawn from the Unit 1 Readings and results you gained from the LMX 7 questionnaire found on page 155 in the Northouse (2016) text, compose a 4–5-pages (1,200 words) APA 6th edition compliant paper in which you will: 1. Present an overview of the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) theory from a historical to the present perspective, including the following concepts: Vertical dyads, in-group and outgroup, and personality and subordinate initiatives as predictors of group status. 2. Provide and assess the results of your completed questionnaire including your score and describe what role (leader / follower) you took in the assessment. 3. Describe what you learned that you can apply to your leadership practice, focusing on when you are working in teams or groups. 4. Describe in detail an action plan for implementing this new knowledge into your personal leadership development planning using a holistic approach of leadership in creating a positive influence on others.

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