can someone do my research paper please

1. it is 3-4 pages long

2. the report is about one article

3. the topic: The Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.),

Venezuela and Colombia

4. must talk about the summary of the main points in the article that you selected.What is the main issue being discussed?Who are the main personalities mentioned in the article?How does the issue affect the people of the country mentioned in the article? Does the issue have any connection with United States interests?

5. for the second reasonanalyze the article that you selected and present your point of view on the story. For example, how do you feel about the story? How did this article contribute to your understanding about modern Latin America? And what do you think about the author’s perspective on the article? Whether you are liberal or more conservative in your political views.

6. provide the website that have the articles once I chose someone to do it.

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