iot for nsde enterprise working in construction field

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My project is targeting a company called NSDE. The NSDE enterprise working in construction field, they have an old network equipment’s, so my project to redesign the network topology and implement the latest security technologies in two aspects the hardware’s and software’s like (Spam email, VLAN, Firewall, Access List, Access point and anti-virus) to meet them requirement as long as are facing some technical issues like in their internal network which is running without any security technique, need to be more reliable and faster.

NSDE enterprise they own equipment’s running on site, this equipment’s are checked manually by the engineer in-charge to identify service date, fuel consumption and machine fuel refill or whatever notification should be known by management on HQ, so in this project am going to implement internet of things (IOT) to every single device and equipment to make the workflow on site more smooth and intelligent, So the person who is sitting in NOC can easily report all alarms to the management and the engineer in-charge on site and monitor the states of all equipment’s plus they can easily generate a report for the logs and issues happened to roll back to escalate it with the agent with error ID and they can refer to warranty to check that particular machine if it still on warranty(company who support the equipment’s).

Task 1

Write Introduction about NSDE company for example (The company profile, departments and number of staff ect) and it would be good to mention two or three projects been done by the above enterprise to look like a real.


Identify the exist problems and breakdown it in details with the proper solution. (you can add some ideas on it).


The project scope.

Task 4

The project Objectives and goals. (separate them).


The project Rational.


* Please I need all takes to be well explained in detail as long as my professor cared about number of pages, also feel free to adds on all your ideas as long as you are more experienced on it, and please focus more on IOT where is the core idea of my project.

* My expectation is eight pages.

* 0 % similarity

* References and citation required

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