231 follow the requirement to write 800 words case study analysis report 200words team work reflection

Follow the requirement to write 800 words case study analysis report+200words team work reflection.

Please note there are 2 section:


Coca-Cola Case Study Analysis

I. Systematic and diagnostic case study background presentation (pages 183 – 184); and

II. Analytical responses to case study brief, addressing the three discussion questions featured at the end of the case study (page 184).

The textbook has been uploaded onto the dropbox:https://www.dropbox.com/s/eftma1j2cnm0y12/WMGM102….

I have attached three discussion questions.

This report needs at least 6 different references.


I. Individual and personal evaluation of the purpose and value of teamwork;

II. Identification and reflection of the problems and/or challenges and opportunities that may have surfaced during, or as result of, teamwork;

III. Formation and implementation of effective and efficient solutions to problems and/or challenges; and

IV. Effective and efficient capitalisation on the opportunities that may have surfaced because of teamwork

This team work is about this case study.


Please read all requirements very very carefully. I have attached the required frame of the report for you. Make sure your answer follows the direction very well.

All the work has to be 100 per cent ORIGINAL!! It is very necessary.

Any kind of plagiarism will not be accepted!

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