weak communicator contrast

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Write a paper about 2000 words including weak communicator, contrast and conclusion.

The Outline of this paper is given.

Please connect the paper to the textbook (takeaways) and give citation/reference (within the textbook or outside source).

For your reference, the whole paper instruction:

ASSIGNMENT: Write an essay in which you compare and contrast your choice of a strong/good communicator with a weak/poor person, organization, occupation, or company using organizational communications as the key indicator.

Tell me:

Provide appropriate background information about your two selections.

Why you consider your subjects strong or weak communicators. Describe the situation fully.

Who the affected parties are, how they are affected and the decision process if known.

Discuss the consequences of the behaviors.

Discuss alternative options which were available, if any.

Include principles discussed in class or from your text.?

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