research paper 520

*What should be included*

Title: Should be brief (APA format) ,Abstract: (Really only part gets read. Describes briefly the purpose of the study, the methods, and a sentence or tow about the results),Introduction: The general purpose statement of what is being accomplished (Introduce the problem and the scope of it, what you hoped to accomplish) , Literature review, Methodology, Participants (Description of your participants *Demographics, Where they came from, how you selected them (random, cluster) ,Apparatus (Describe the instrument or test used, copy of the instrument and the confidentiality form) ,Procedure (How the study was carried out; interviews, question, setting time, resources),Results (Codebook *Include*) Summary of your analysis that were performed on the data collection ,Discussion (Related the results to the study) *Issues with reliability or validity should be discussed. Coding errors or problems with population. Below many I’ve attached all the components apparatus, procedure, results, and discussion.

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